Notice on Personal Data Processing in Online Store


Upon implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), we provide you with comprehensible, transparent, fair and general personal data processing, based on General Data Protection Regulation, which is carried out in the online store website (hereinafter – “Online Store”).

In this Privacy Policy you will find information, what kind of personal data we collect and how we process them. We encourage you to carefully read the terms of this Policy before providing us any of your personal information.


In this Privacy Policy you can get acquainted with the following information:

1.         What is your personal data controller

2.         What kind of personal data we obtain and process

3.         What is the legal basis for the processing of personal data

4.         Types of personal data processing, data categories and duration of data processing

5.         What are the purposes for processing of personal data

6.         Personal data recipients

7.         Personal data storage term

8.         Use of Cookies.

9.         Your rights

10.       Additional information


1.    What is your personal data controller

Your personal data controller or a legal person, which determines purposes and means for personal data processing in the Online Store, is "UNIQUE" LTD, registration number: 40003883622, address: Duntes Street 19A, Riga, LV-1005, contact information:


Your personal data controller provides operation of the Online Store and provides services for Online Store visitors, as well as concludes with them distance sale-purchase contracts. The Online Store is in website the operation (hosting) of which and use of registered domain name is provided by the company "DTG" LTD, registration number: 40003687961, with which the controller has concluded an appropriate contract, which also includes the rules on data processing.


2.    What kind of personal data we obtain and process

Basically, we obtain your personal data directly from you. You submit us your personal data in a direct way, for example, by registering in the Online Store or using its services without registration, making purchases, performing activities regarding your order, applying for benefits of the loyalty program or reception of news (commercial notices), by submitting feedbacks or complains. 

We only request your personal data, which we objectively and reasonably need to provide you the services, fulfil obligations under the distance purchase-sale contract, respond to your application or perform other activities with your data.

If we have to obtain additional information or conduct an examination of circumstances for efficient and objective processing your request or complaint, we may link the data contained in your request to data already available to us or lawfully collected during the processing of your request (for example, to your payment transaction data, your profile usage history, etc.).

Categories and types of personal data we collect and process are specified in the section 4 of this Policy.


3.   What is the legal basis for the personal data processing

Provision of your personal data is a precondition to conclude the purchase-sale contract with you and your personal data are necessary for us according to the concluded purchase-sale contract in order to execute liabilities arising thereof, exercise our rights and perform our obligations.

Your Personal Data are processed, based on the following legal grounds, stipulated in the General Data Protection Regulation:

·         Sub-article a) of Article 1 of Clause 6 (your consent);

·       Sub-article b) of Article 1 of Clause 6 (performance of a contract to which you are a party, or in order to take steps prior entering into a contract);   

·      Sub-article c) of Article 1 of Clause 6 (to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject);   

·      Sub-article f) of Article 1 of Clause 6 (to comply with our legitimate interests)

In order to perform particular services, offered in the Online Store, we need your personal data, which you provide by giving your consent or accepting the term of the purchase-sale contract. In the event of your disapproval or non-acceptance of purchase and sales terms we will not be able to provide for you with our services.

Our legitimate interests, based on which we process particular your personal data, are development and popularization of our goods and services and provision of quality, provision of compliance with our internal regulations, as well as protection of our legal interests in the event of dispute or defence of our legal interests in a court.

4.    Types of personal data processing, data categories and duration of data processing

Type of data processing

Data categories and types

Duration of data processing

Registration in the Online Store and creation of buyer’s profile

Identification data: name, surname, phone number, e-mail, delivery address (address of residence or company address), delivery type. Information about your order history will also be stored in your profile with each subsequent order. Information about your previously viewed products and your favourite products may be also stored.

As long as you have a registered profile in the Online Store (until your profile is deleted) or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis. You can delete your profile yourself or it will be deleted automatically if you do not log in to your profile for more than 1 year.

Placing an order and delivery




Identification data: name, surname, phone number. Order information: goods, delivery type, delivery address, information about goods in invoice, order and delivery date and time, information about ordered goods, payment information.   

Depending on the prescriptive period, stated in legislation (in accordance with Clause 406 of the Commercial Law - 3 years) or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis.

Payment processing




Identification data: name, surname, personal identity number. Payment data: amount, applied taxes, discounts, purpose of payment, transaction reference number, account number, used payment type. 

Depending on requirements of legislation regulating accountancy (for source documents – 5 years) or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis.

Exercising of right of withdrawal




Identification data: name, surname, e-mail, phone number. Information about goods to be returned, order and delivery date and time, details of the payment made, current account information (in the event of refund).

Depending on the prescriptive period, stated in legislation (in accordance with Clause 406 of the Commercial Law - 3 years) or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis.

Provision of feedback or proposal

Identification data: name, e-mail. Submitted message, as well as other data, which are submitted together with such message or within the correspondence process.

Until the answer to the feedback is provided or a solution is provided, or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis.

Handling of claims and dispute settlement




Identification data: name, surname, phone number, e-mail. Data on claim or dispute object (good or service), for example, content of claim or dispute, data on purchase of a good or service reception, requests and claims. Other documents or information related to the claim or complaint (for example, photos, invoice data).

Until the claim is resolved or longer, if there is a relevant legal basis.

Subscription for newsletters (Commercial notices)


Identification data: name, e-mail and/or phone number.

Until your given consent is valid (until cancellation of consent).

Market research and statistics




Address, region or city, information about order (for example, purchase date, name and category of goods, amount of goods, total amount of purchases) – in encrypted form (anonymized data).

Anonymized data may be stores for unlimited period.


Identification data: name, surname, e-mail and/or phone number, survey date, your provided answers (surveys may be anonymous, and in such case none of data shall be collected, or they are anonymized). 

Anonymized data may be stores for unlimited period.

Loyalty program

Identification data: name, surname, e-mail, phone number, date of birth and address. Data on loyalty advantages, received discounts and other benefits obtained.

As long as you have applied for loyalty program. Regarding particular data: as long as a certain promotion takes place or as long as certain loyalty offer exists.

Information safety




Your profile information and data on you access to the profile, as well as activities therein.  

Until elimination of a security threat or detection and elimination of an issue.

Protection of the controller’s legitimate interests

Your identification data, data on your purchase or other activities, and another data, which are necessary for this purpose, complying with basic principles of data protection, including, data processing minimization principle.  

As long as a dispute exists, or a litigation takes place, as well for possible appeal – until the end of the deadline for appeal or longer, until the dispute is settled.  


5.    What are the purposed for processing of personal data

Registration in the Online Store and creation of buyer’s profile:

We process your personal data so you can create your personal profile in the Online Store and place orders therein and perform other activities more conveniently and faster. Your personal data are processed with a purpose to allow you to use also special advantages for registered buyers, for example, loyalty program advantages, view your order history, etc.

Your profile data will be used to contact you, prepare and deliver your orders, find your order or identify you as a customer in our customer database, answer to your messages, inform about offers, news and sales, offer advantages of the loyalty program, if you have given your consent, restore your profile password and provide other services.

We need your certain personal data to identify you at the time of placing the order, to find your order, if necessary, or inform you about order execution, as well as to perform other activities, for example, providing acceptance or exchange of returned goods.

Placing an order and delivery:

Your provided information is used with a purpose to provide performance of the distance purchase-sale contract, for example, by processing and preparing your order for delivery and handing over your order for delivery service provider.

Payment processing:

We perform processing of your payment details, by collecting data on purchase payment method and payment information in order to commence execution of your order. Processing of your payment data depends on you chosen payment method, which is offered by the Online Store. For example, payment with bank payment card, making a transfer to the Online Store bank, by paying in online banking or using online banking payment system. The processing of your payment data is performed in order to identify you as a payer for the order and provide a further execution of the order in your interests. The Online Store will receive only the data, which are necessary for it to determine your payment status and identify you as a payer.

Making payments via settlement organization, your personal data will be transferred to this organization and their processing will take place according to procedure stated in the privacy protection terms of this organization. Data, which are necessary to connect to online banking, are used for this purpose only and they are not transferred to the Online Store.

Exercising the right of withdrawal:

We process your data in order you can exercise the right of withdrawal, provided in the Law on Protection of Consumers’ Rights.

Provision of feedback or proposal:

In the Online Store it is possible to provide a feedback or proposal, specifying personal data of a minimized volume, which are necessary to give an answer to your feedback, if you request such or if it is provided in the content of your message, to address you and react to the message provided, if necessary.

Handling of claims and dispute settlement:

We process your personal data in the events, if a claim shall be handled or a dispute shall be settled, arising from our services provided or your order, as well as other activities in connection with your order and our services provided.

We will process your personal data to protect our rights in the event of dispute, to assess the dispute situation, collect evidences, submit claims, defend our interests in public or municipal entities, or in court, as well as to exercise other our legitimate interests in connection with the abovementioned

Subscription for newsletters (Commercial notifications):

If you have given your consent for reception of newsletters or commercial notifications, we will process your personal data in order to send you marketing information and newsletters related to the popularization of our goods and services with a purpose to popularize our goods and services, as well as to remind our buyers about our goods and services.

Market research and statistics:

We can process data about your placed orders for preparation of reports and statistics, in order to observe, assess, improve and expand our services. We may perform such data analysis, like, from which region or city you are, how many deliveries are made to your city or region, for what amounts, how many complaints are received, etc. However, we do not process your name, contact information and any other directly identifiable information, which may directly point to you as a particular person. Such data processing will be performed, making your personal data anonymous or anonymizing thereof.


We perform a processing of data included in surveys, in order to find out customers’ and buyers’ opinion on goods and services we provide. Participation in surveys is voluntary and it allows the survey member by its provided opinion to influence the online store operation and service quality improvement.

Loyalty program:

The personal data obtained within the loyalty program are processed in order to provide you special services and offers. Particular data are processed to congratulate you on your birthday and/or to provide special services, discounts or goods in this regard. The personal data obtained within the loyalty program are processed in order to provide you special services and offers. Particular data are processed to congratulate you on your birthday and/or offer special services or goods in this regard. Your address details are processed in order to ensure delivery of your loyalty card or loyalty program benefits, if it is provided in accordance with the terms of a particular loyalty advantage.

Information safety:

We monitor the activities of the Online Store users in order to identify the possible threats, illegal actions, as well as to maintain compliance with safety requirements of legislation and our internal rules, and to protect the Online Store data from unauthorised actions. Such actions are performed also by the server holder in order to provide prevention of the security threats to the server. For the abovementioned purpose your personal information may be obtained from your profile, as well as may have access to your profile, if it is reasonably necessary, and such activities are performed by us, only if it is necessary to perform inspection or to obtain evidences regarding the safety threat of the information system. Such data processing is necessary for provision of our legal interests and safety of the site visitors.   

Protection of the controller’s legitimate interests:

In addition to the abovementioned purposes, we may process your personal data with a purpose to protect our legitimate interest, for example, in the event of claim, complaint or a legal action against us. For this purpose, any of your personal data processing may take place, unless your, as a data subject’s, interests or basic rights and fundamental freedoms, for which the personal data protection is necessary, are more important than our legitimate interests, and to the extent necessary for the particular purpose only.

6.    Personal data recipients

To fulfil our obligations against you, your personal data may be available to other persons, who provide for us such services, as, for example, service maintenance, data centre and other IT services, e-mail delivery services, marketing services, delivery service (courier service, post, parcel terminals, etc.) services, system development and maintenance services, payment processing services. These service providers may process your personal data only in accordance with our instructions and in accordance with cooperation contract concluded between us, in compliance with data protection regulations and requirements.

When making a payment, your personal data and data payment data are transferred to the relevant payment service provider. For example, paying by a transfer to the Online Store bank, in online bank or using the online banking payment system, your and payment recipient’s bank (also intermediary’s bank) receives particular data about you and the payment made. When making a payment, the processing of your personal data takes place according to the privacy policies of the settlement organizations.

In order to perform our legal obligation, as well as execute our legal interests and defend our rights, we may submit your personal data to criminal justice agencies, as well as other public or municipal entities on their request according to law. With a purpose to protect our legitimate interests your personal data may be handed over to legal service providers, for example, lawyers’ office.

Your personal data shall not be sent or processed in a country, which is outside the European Economic Area.

7.    Duration for the personal data storage

Your personal data will be stored as long as it is necessary for abovementioned purposes and according to criteria mentioned above (see Section 4 “Types of personal data processing, data categories and duration of data processing”).

We will store the distance purchase-sale contract concluded with you and evidences on its conclusion within the term, stipulated by law, as well as we are able to store it longer, until the liability claims expire, which arise from contractual liabilities between us and you, as well as, if it is necessary for us to be able to defend our legitimate interests in claims or complaints submitted against us or claims filed in a court.

In the event of a court action, your personal data may be stored until the end of litigation, including the possible appeal deadlines.

Proofs of payments, including invoices, which shall be considered as source documents, will be stored as long as it is stipulated by legislation, regulating the accountancy.

8.    Use of Cookies

The Online Store website uses cookies. A cookie is a small information file, which is sent to your computer or other device, for example, mobile phone, in a moment, when you visit particular site, and it is stored in your browser.

The cookie is sent to your computer or other device with a purpose to store data, in order the particular site could recognize you as a site user at a moment, when you visit this site. Using the cookies, we can link your order history and other data, which are collected during use of our services provided, to your browsing in the internet. Through cookies the obtained information allows to provide for you more convenient browsing, provide personalised and suitable offers depending your purchase or site browsing history, as well as to find out more on site users’ activities, analyse tendencies and improve both site operation and your service.

Some cookies are necessary for site user to be able browse the site safely and freely, perform correct interaction with site functions, obtain the desired information and submit applications. Also, these cookies are necessary for the user to be able to save his/her selections in connection with the site use (language, consent to cookies, etc.). Without these cookies the site is unable to function properly, namely, the content of the site may be displayed to the user incorrectly, or some site functions may not work. Such cookies are saved in the user’s device automatically, in order to provide a possibility to browse the site requested by the user.

The cookies obtain technical data bout visitor’s device, but they do not identify the user, as well as do not collect and gather information. The necessary cookies are stored in the visitor’s device until the cookie has performed its function, but not longer than for two years.

In our Online Store website we use the following cookies –

Session cookies;

Permanent cookies;

Third-party cookies.

The session cookies (or shot-term cookies) are deleted immediately, when the user close the browser after access to the content of the site.

Permanent cookies are stored in the user’s end device for a certain period of time in order to be able to recognize his/her browser’s sessions and to know, if he/she has had a previous communication between the site and user’s device. Visiting the website repeatedly, the user’s website browser reads all permanent cookies and delivers information to the website or element, which has sent the relevant cookie to the user.

Third-party cookies are used to create each user’s browsing history with the intention of displaying an advertisement specifically for him/her and providing the best experience when visiting the website. If your browser allows to record third-party cookies, the partner of the third-party cookies will be able to enter its cookies in your browser.

To find out more about cookies, their use and denial, please visit

9.    Your Rights

According to General Data Protection Regulation you have certain rights regarding processing of your personal data, such as:  

·        access your personal data and receive information from us about its processing;

·         request edition of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data or edit then independently in the own online store profile;

·         delete own personal data (right “to be forgotten”), except, if according to legislation we must save particular your personal data;

·         recall previously given consent to data processing;

·         limit own data processing, namely, request us to terminate processing of your personal data for a certain period;

·         request an electronical copy of your personal data and right to transfer these data to another data controller (right to data portability).

In order to exercise the abovementioned rights, you must make a request to the Online Store's customer service or send a request to the data controller's e-mail or address, specified in Section 1 of this Policy.

We inform that in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to file a complaint to the Data State Inspectorate in case of unjustified or illegal processing of your personal data.

10. Additional Information

You must ensure that the personal information you provide id accurate and true. If it is detected that your personal data are incorrect, you must correct them or ask us to correct them immediately. In the event of you have provided other person’s data, in the event of complaints we reserve right to apply to you with a subrogation action. 

We are entitled to make changes in the Privacy Policy at any time without a prior notice, and any amendments in the policy shall enter into force after they are published in the Online Store website. Therefore, we ask you to read this Privacy Policy periodically to make sure that you are familiar with changes, as well as read it carefully every time, when you are asked to confirm that you are familiarized with the Privacy Policy, when you perform any activities in the Online Store.

The Privacy Policy is developed on 10 June 2021 and it is revised periodically and updated, if necessary.