Warranty period:

All products have a 24-month warranty, if they are purchased by a natural person. If a legal person has purchased the goods, a 12-month warranty shall be applied. The warranty term may be extended, if it is agreed by the parties separately. Some producers provide a warranty period for their products for up to 60 months. To find out about extended product warranties, please contact company representatives. 


Place for delivery and return of defective goods:

Shop UNIQUE, Riga, Duntes Street 19A, LV-1005


Warranty repair:

UNIQUE LTD will perform a warranty diagnostics and customer services conscientiously, without delusion. If a warranty case occurs, UNIQUE LTD will perform all the procedural actions according to law. The customer shall have right to receive a new product, exchange it to equivalent, etc., as well as to recover the money paid. To find out about additional terms and procedural actions, please contact the company representatives.


Detection of defects:

The initial defect inspection shall be performed by UNIQUE specialist at the customer’s presence. If the problem occurred can’t be eliminated on site, the UNIQUE representative shall provide additional service of warranty diagnostics, which may take up to 14 business days, in some special cases even longer. The customer shall be informed about inspection results in person by phone or e-mail.


Warranty repair time:

Depending on severity of a defect the warranty repair shall be performed within 3 – 30 business days. If the repair is complicated and requests more detailed survey or delivery of special parts, it may be extended, by giving a prior notice to the customer.   It is also possible to lend an analogous product to the customer while the warranty product is being repaired.


Quality of work performance:

If a product malfunction is observed, during the warranty term the service centre shall be liable to perform a quality repair free of charge and to return the product repaired, as it was initially. If it is impossible to repair the product, it may be replaced by a new.